0-Guts, 0-Glory

In this first patch I’ll explore patching with 0-Ctrl – but without Rene V2 and Tempi in the Shared System. Since the 0-ctrl is unquantized, I added the Ornament & Crime in the black/gold Tall_Dog version (Meta-Q app). Personally, I feel nothing can beat Rene V2 and it’s a step back if you don’t have a quantizer. However, when you like sequencing modules with precise CV values (e.g. sequencing varispeed, genesize, splice, slide, etc on the Morphagene), 0-ctrl provides all the precision you’ll ever need.

If you already own a PressurePoints/Brains combo and don’t use it too much, I don’t think 0-ctrl can offer the added value to replace it, but it’s much easier to patch complex sequences because of the dedicated outputs (gates, timing, clock, dynamic envelopes, etc) so you can use maths for different things.

This video was previously uploaded but the intro just took too long and I found several errors that needed to be fixed. I also included a shot of the cable I use to plug it into the case. Please note you’ll void your warranty if you rack your 0-ctrl. It’s not intended, supported or recommended by MakeNoise. I don’t have room in my closet to use it horizontally and I wanted to keep it as close as possible to my gear. I had some cable issues at the start, but it’s been running perfectly – in a MakeNoise 7U CV case – with a DC to 12V cable that’s also used for my 0-Coast. However, running a 0-ctrl and a 0-coast in the same case sometimes gets unexpected jitter.

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