Welcome to the Club

In this video I’ll explore modular techno with some help from the new Queen of Pentacles by Endorphin. In case you’ve missed it, it’s a 909 inspired drum module with a serious twist on the kick, snare and clap – and eight banks of user defined samples (4 per bank) to make it your own. It also adds a great filter, saturation and the ‘total nightmare’ FX suite which are also featured on the milky way and grand terminal. An inevitable bed of sound is created by Manis Iteritas (noise engineering), and the Instruo Arbhar/Lubadh combo (1st part of the video) and the lead sounds are courtesy of Bloom (sequencer), Loquelic Iteritas Percido (lead) and Desmodus Versio (reverb on steroids).

I’d like to thank @Noise Engineering for answering my endless emails about the Desmodus and my local dealer (midi Amsterdam) for helping me get the latest stuff before it’s sold out. Please note I am not sponsored and I don’t want to monetize this channel because I hate commercials. Also, note that my enthusiasm for certain modules is purely personal taste.

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