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Korg Minilogue – AMBIKA 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets




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Korg Minilogue – AMBIKA 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets

Ambika is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech. Lushest sounds for Minilogue combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderful free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP.

ATTENTION – AMBIKA 85 is working Only With Original Minilogue! used a lot of Valhalla effects in their past presentations & answered countless messages – what kind of vst fx you are using to process hardware? is thinking that Supermassive is the best one for any hardware synth & its totally free one, thanks to Valhalla. Minilogue really lucks lushness in tone – a good chorus effect & deep reverb for cosmic pads & soundscapes.

Inside of Supermassive you will find silk choruses, ensembles & deepest reverbs (period) and this duo work really great together – giving you incredible lush & deep sounds for your Original Minilogue Synthesizer made 18 Presets for you with their own settings of Supermassive Fx and combined them with best presets for Minilogue via DAW – Cubase,Logic,Ableton or any other one which supports VSTi format.

And made Ambika – with 85 sounds you are need for production of Ambient, Soundtrack, Electronica & Dance Music with integration in every modern genre.

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Korg Minilogue – AMBIKA 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets 3

Inside the pack:

  • Deepest Pads & Strings
  • Beautifull Polyphonic Sounds
  • Organic Plucks
  • Heaven Arps
  • Recreation of famous: CS-80, Jupiter, Oberheim Sounds
  • Special one Modulars working with sequencer as a mod source

Full instructions are inside the pack. Very easy to install & work – you will need DAW + audio interface & 2 jack cables.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

Pricing and Availability

AMBIKA” 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets is available now.

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