Shared System Tutorials – Upgrades

I was wondering what to do with chapter 13. I am not superstitious – but – it IS the bad luck number for many people. So I decided to dedicate this chapter to the moment we – shared system owners – all encounter. We want upgrades. And it’s all the fault of MakeNoise because they keep creating these awesome new modules that don’t fit in the shared without taking something out. And everything will be missed. Every new module enables millions of new combinations and sounds.

So in this chapter, I’ll explore the new modules, hopefully showing you what they’ll add to the equation. In chapter 14 I am going to use this set to create a 2020 version of the Krell patch because I want to dedicate a few chapters to show how all these modules come together as a system. A ‘system’ makes the difference between a collection of modules and a musical instrument. It’s a quest that will go on forever, but it’s also huge fun to follow.

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