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Picturesque Tonal Resonations Synth

FrozenPlain release VST/AU synth Scenic Vibrations for tension, atmosphere and horror sound design.

Alive with evolving kinetic energy, Scenic Vibrations has a unique sound that is perfect for cinematic and atmospheric sound design. Create tension for drama, the ambiance in an emotional passage, and even evoke dread in a horror setting.

This customizable VST/AU synthesizer is based on a set of unique ‘sustain’ recordings by sound design veteran, Si Begg. Materials such as sheets of metal, koto strings, bass guitar strings, and suspended steel frames were made to resonate with a surface transducer. The sound is something beautifully organic yet unfamiliar.

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Included are over 100 presets featuring intriguing tonal keys, dark pads, basses and pulsing rhythms. Scenic Vibrations is powered by our sample-based synthesis engine, Mirage.

The core of Mirage is three layers that can be used to blend sounds together. Each layer has LFOs, filters, a volume envelope, loop controls and more. Then at the master level, there is a whole rack of effects.

Pricing and Availability

Scenic Vibrations is available now.

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