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Analog vs Digital | Furthrrrr Generator | 2 Strong Zero cores




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Analog vs Digital

This is not about the analog vs digital discussion, it’s a first step in exploring how Furthrrrr Generator sounds with two digital cores. It’s not a compare either, it’s just an experiment with being creative and trying new combinations. So yes, I know the title is wrong and I should have made this video with more preparation. But that’s not what I do.

I am more like a painter who throws sound at a canvas and watch it drip down. Personally, I feel that the digital coding and storage of sound and vision has been a huge step forward compared to tape and vinyl. Maybe this is because I grew up in the ’80s when analog was all we had and digital was like science fiction. Now it almost seems the other way around. I recently realized that our ears can only hear analog, so it doesn’t matter how music is stored and coded. In the end, it needs to come out of headphones or speakers.

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