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Checking Out Celestial Voices – Calypso by Auddict




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Checking Out Celestial Voices – Calypso

Celestial Voices – Calypso by Auddict is a beautiful and versatile female vocal sample library for Kontakt (FULL version required). The library includes true legato and multiple vowels (Mm, Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh) and even multiple consonants sounds for a unique, true-to-life performance every time.

The voice we have is perfect for nuanced. ethereal cinematic music, as well as bold, epic lines and even, can cover more operatic and ethnic territory as well. There’s a really nice resonance in the upper range that can be very powerful depending on the articulation selected (for instance, Mm is almost always intimate and subdued, where Oh and Ah can be quite powerful and bold!)

There are 5 true legato modes, and in a nice touch, you are also able to select from multiple consonant sounds (sah, lah, rah, reh, leh, meh, fee, ree, tee, soh, roh, doh).

This selection will apply to the first word of the legato sequence only, and you can use the included keyswitches to create/morph your own phrases on the fly, all while retaining the super smooth and fluid legato transitions in between each note.

In addition to these features, they’ve recorded multiple mic positions, so you can totally sculpt the sound to be as dry, wet, up close, or as distant as possible. The stage mics allow you to dial in a magical, ethereal sound, while the spot mics offer more detail and power for something bold and epic.

Pricing and Availability

For only $39.99 (normally $106.18), get Celestial Voices – Calypso by AUDDICT!

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