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Bring your music to light.

Keys, drum pads, sliders, sequencer, launchpad, polyphonic, ultra-sensitive, and reactive. Erae Touch is a Polyphonic MIDI Controller. It is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on the surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas.

Immersive Experience

A captivating audiovisual experience awaits with a colourful and powerful LED panel.

Compose with dynamic music blocks and build your tracks from original shapes and patterns.

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Polyphonic aftertouch

A multitouch pad that brings forward the new MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) standard for controllers
Play every nuance and articulations and rediscover your favorite synthesizer!

Professional Format

With its 18 inch silicon surface, the Erae Touch is the perfect standard for live performances and intense studio sessions.

Designed for the most demanding producers and musicians looking to explore new frontiers in digital and electronic music.

Versatile Control

Erae Touch has everything you would expect from a MIDI controller and inherit from the innovation and new standard in the music industry.

Easy to play, provided with advanced templates and quick menu access to optimize your workflow.

This multitouch pad makes the best use of the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) protocol.

This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics and is more accurate in microtonal variations. Granting faster information transmission between your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

Customizable Elements From  Action keyboards and Adjustment settings to rhythmics Objects

Grid Based Representation is becoming the new standard for expressive music controllers and is inspired by string instruments where each line is separated by a fourth. It can be tuned into any isomorphic representation to help with deeper exploration of musical harmony and improvise with new musical ideas.

This note arrangement uses geometric patterns so your finger can play chords by simply shifting or gliding the shape along the playing surface like on a bowed instrument.

The pad was designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind in order to capture the musician slightest nuance and emotions.

The low coating silicone surface is covering the entire body structure made of aluminium and allows for smooth gliding gestures. It was also built and tested to resist heavy drumstick hits and intense playing sessions for the most demanding artists.

Super Sensitive & Reactive

1000 nerves in a backlit muscle pad
with blazing fast aquisition speed,
grasping every nuances, every articulations
with a satisfying touch feeling.

1000 Sensors

The first musical controller to embed more than a thousand high quality Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs).
Erae Touch is both ultra sensitive and large, to open up possibilities and gives you more space to explore. and express yourself.

1 ms

+1000 sensors is a lot to take.
The Erae Touch makes full use of 5 embedded processors.
Data will never be left behind!

MIDI 2.0

The Erae Touch is the first generation of MIDI 2.0 enabled controllers.
This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics, is more accurate in microtonal variations, and allows you to read information from your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

About Embodme

Embodme is a new digital instrument manufacturer startup based in Paris.
The goal of the company and their founders is to bring instrumental practice back at the center stage of electronic music and multimedia performances through the development of new instruments and interfaces.

It was founded after Edgar Hemery’s PHD thesis on Music Interaction Design and takes deep roots in music technology, audio engineering and robotics. The name of the company comes from the word Embodiment: “the representation or expression of an idea, quality, or feeling in a tangible or visible form”.

Their instruments carry high technology components and advanced algorithms developed for one sole purpose: bridging the gap between digital interfaces and human expressivity.

Pricing and Availability

Erae Touch is now available on Kickstarter

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