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“Reckage” Dark Ambient Sound Pack for Synthstrom Deluge




22Reckage22 Dark Ambient Sound Pack for Synthstrom Deluge

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West Coast Style Synthesis, Dark Ambient, Dystopian Soundscapes, SciFi, Deep focus, Investigative, and Contemplative

“Reckage” Dark Ambient Sound Pack contains 51 original patches for the built-in synth engine of the Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer.

Explore the sonic ruins of broken technology and abandoned energy experiments using only the built-in sound engine of your Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer.  No samples are used in this sound pack.  The sounds make heavy use of AM and FM synthesis, Ring Modulation, Distortion, Noise, Atonal Harmonics, and Stereo and Delay Effects.  Many of the sounds are textural in nature, intended for use as soundscapes, pads, drones, sound effects, and background treatments.  There are also a few ‘traditional’ sounds like bass instruments for playing simple baselines or melodies beneath the other sounds.


Once the sound pack has been purchased and downloaded to a folder on your computer, simply transfer the 51 *.XML files to the “SYNTHS” folder on your Deluge’s SD card (power off the Deluge before removing the SD card).  Do not transfer the folder, just the individual files.  Put the SD card back in your Deluge, and turn on the power.  The synth sounds should now be available for use.  Note that the individual sounds are labeled with the letter “R” as a prefix (for “Reckage”).

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