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Xenomorph – a three-module challenge

This could be seen as a three-module challenge, but I disqualified myself with a Z-DSP reverb and the excellent Shuttle Control (great midi controller, but excellent since the cargo 4 update). I wanted to do a Krell patch with my ‘wavetable’ reel for the Morphagene, but adding the Morph’s genetic parents proved to be even more fun. It reminds me a bit of a CL cocoquantus with the two lo-fi delay lines and the center ‘brain’.

The patch is pretty easy, stereo out to L/R phonogenes and hit it with modulation. You could also experiment with two different FX like Erbe-Verb and Echophon in the shared system (and use freeze on the EP). Maybe you still have an old Phono lying around, so you could use the EP and PG broken echo mode.

The wavetable reel can be downloaded here.

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