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Safe Spacer™ Wearable Social Distancing Monitor Available




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Keep people safe and workplaces open

Ready-to-deploy distance monitoring made easy – Electronic safety device also provides multiple options for compliance monitoring, data download and charging via a range of accessories

Safe Spacer™ is a lightweight, wearable device that helps factories, warehouses, offices, museums, hotels and other workplaces and public spaces to operate with peace of mind by enabling workers and visitors to maintain safe social distancing. Now available, it gives businesses of practically any size a simple, yet effective solution with convenient ways to wear, charge and sync. It also offers comprehensive integration options for large-scale enterprises using their own proprietary data systems. These tools, along with a range of charging and data retrieval accessories, make Safe Spacer the most convenient, flexible system for virtually any organization.

  • Alerts users if they come within unsafe social distance
  • Uses Ultra-wideband, 10x more accurate than Bluetooth®
  • Vibration, light and sound alerts
  • Wearable on a wristband, belt, lanyard or keychain
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • IP67 Waterproof version available
  • Private and secure – log contacts without sensitive data
  • Synchs to a range of systems, from single computer to the cloud
  • Future-proof design offers additional uses post-COVID
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Safe Spacer accurately detects when other Safe Spacer units come within 2m/6ft*, alerting wearers with a choice of visual, vibrating or audio alarm. Using Ultra-wideband technology, Safe Spacer offers accuracy up to 10x better than Bluetooth, and also gives users the option to store “collision” data to monitor compliance or perform fast contact tracing.

Users can choose from a range of lanyard, wristband, and belt loop options to adapt to any workplace without compromising existing safety protocols.

To help organizations manage multiple devices, the optional S-Charger docking/charging station allows up to 25 Safe Spacers to charge simultaneously. The S-Charger can be connected to a computer running Safe Spacer’s free software to retrieve compliance and collision data, customize settings and more.

For organizations wanting more real-time compliance data, Safe Spacer can also sync wirelessly via the optional S-Bridge UWB access unit. It can be positioned in strategic locations, such as entry or exit points, to read the data from Safe Spacer devices as users approach, eliminating the need for long employee queues to download their device data.

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Both the S-Bridge and S-Charger can connect to any computer via USB, and the free Safe Spacer software will extract this data for review, analysis and if needed, contact tracing. To maintain high privacy standards, no data except the device’s ID and proximity is stored on the device; associating IDs with wearers’ names is completely optional.

Safe Spacer and all related accessories are now available directly from IK Multimedia. An online guide assists users in selecting the best options for their organization’s requirements and lets them request a personal consultation with the Safe Spacer team.

  • Safe Spacer – $99.99/€85.00 each*
  • S-Charger – $299.99/€270.00 each
  • S-Bridge – $139.99/€120.00 each
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Fast to deploy at any scale

You need a solution now. Safe Spacer is ready to go in workplaces from 10 to 10,000 – it doesn’t require any IT infrastructure and works out of the box with minimal setup.

Need to monitor compliance? Safe Spacer supports wireless or wired data monitoring from a single Mac/PC for daily review, to enterprise-level cloud systems for real-time insight.

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Made in Italy

IK Multimedia developed Safe Spacer to help our own workers and employees work safely during re-opening. It benefits from IK’s years of expertise in wireless product development and is manufactured in our wholly owned factory in Modena, Italy to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Pricing and Availability

Safe Spacer is available at a retail price of $99.99/€85.00 (excluding VAT). Volume discounts are available. Contact Safe Spacer for more info on pricing and availability or download IK Multimedia Production guide to all the features of Safe Spacer and on how to best integrate this into your business.

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