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Maths – Analog Computing on Audio Rate Signals – System Cartesian

We all know (and probably own) the top 3 module in eurorack: Maths. It can do LFO’s and envelopes, it can slew incoming voltage to create portamento and lag, it can attentuvert and mix, it can make sound on its ow, it can trigger things and the list goes on and on and on. But there’s one great feature you don’t see often, which is mutating incoming audio with ‘binary’ logic.

I’ve been using the System Cartesian for this patch, with STO and TelHarmonic as the main sources. We all have a pretty good idea how they sound, but running them through Maths can help you discover a whole new range of sounds. This obviously works on any case with Maths in it, so happy hunting for accidents!

Note: the painted Telharmonic is my ‘black magic’ method to move the Universe into finding a real one – enjoy the module as if you have one and trust it will come your way. I have a real one now :).

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