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Shared System Tutorials | Part 17 – Generative Patching




Shared System Tutorials Part 17 Generative Patching

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Shared System Tutorials – Generative Patching

One of the many fun parts of the Shared System is creating a generative patch that plays by itself and remains interesting for a longer time. It’s pretty easy to create abstract soundscapes, but with a few tweaks you can also create ambient soundscapes that can haunt, nag and enchant you.

You may be familiar with the legendary Krell patch that was originally created for the 1958 sci-fi movie ‘Forbidden Planet’ was recreated by Todd Barton on the Buchla and eventually by MakeNoise on a Shared and a 0-coast. It’s a cool patch to extend into something of your own! So we’ll revisit the Shared version of the patch and extend it into something I personally like a lot. I hope it inspires you to do the same!

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