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Welcome to your Worst Nghtmare

Asylum for Kontakt isn’t actually anything resembling a nightmare when it comes to Stingray Instruments’ first full-sized Kontakt Full 5.8.1 library. Stingray Instruments wanted to not just do more of the same, but create some truly unique and inspiring sounds that you won’t find anywhere else.

Where else can you find the door under my house creaking horribly or my dog being rather angry at the postman? If we could sample it, we did and we have ended up with a really nasty, disgusting, and horrid library which in parts will make your skin crawl.

There is more than enough here to create your own spooky atmospheric scores or why not combine with other libraries and mix and match. Also, for bloggers, podcasts people and YouTubers, the WAV version has enough horrific sounds to keep your content suitably nasty over the holiday season.

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Asylum contains:

  • 5 melodic instruments with four multis
  • 16 granular drones
  • Over 40 pulses and sequence beds
  • Haunted Wooshes
  • Reverses Glitch Hits
  • Atmospheric Hits
  • Ambient Hits
  • Creaking Doors
  • Chains
  • Bowed Metals
  • Metallic Resonances
  • Violin Scrapes
  • 8 and 4 bar risers
  • Traditional (yet subtle) Hits
  • Glass Resonances
  • Demonic Entities and Screams
  • A couple of o’clocks
  • Electrostatic
  • Ambiances
  • Monster Noises
  • Horror Scrapes

After purchase you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and activate your product using Pulse Downloader.

Pricing and Availability

Asylum for Kontakt is now available directly from Triple Spiral Audio. Asylum is available with a 60% discount for €27.00 (MSRP €67.00 – VAT included) till 8 November, 2020.

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