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Endorphin.es Spaceship

Hi all, one of my favorite brands in Eurorack is Endorphin.es from the EU. I love the looks of their gear, it’s fun to read the manuals and the black modules look like jewels. I knew I wanted a Shutte when I saw the first demo’s, but got addicted to MakeNoise gear and didn’t really need a ‘same philosophy’ machine next to the Shared System.

I got myself a Shuttle while I was doing this video and noticed I am the 3rd owner of this ‘close to unused’ machine. Maybe it’s too exotic or too hard to figure out, but it’s an incredibly powerful and innovative machine. So I decided to do a tutorial series with a ‘Spaceship’ theme. It was supposed to be a case layout with all Shuttle modules on board, but that would not make it easier for existing Shuttle owners.

In this first episode I am just doing a few test runs, but the interesting topic here is to patch Queen of Pentacles’ separate instrument outputs to different FX. I used 0-ctrl and Running Order to create ‘off-grid’ beats and grooves. I tried to be funny here and there, because the Shuttle’s faceplate and manuals are full of humor. I’ll cover Endorphin.es ‘visual language and terminology’ in the next episode.

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