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Running Order | Endorphin Gate Sequencer



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Endorphin Gate Sequencer

Gate sequencers are a lot of fun, especially when they have CV control to modulate the patterns. This video provides some patching tips to get you started. The module supports both step programming as euclidian patterns and can save up to eight configurations. The obvious target for this module is a drum module, but I also wanted to show some different applications, like driving an X/Y sequencer with the two channels.

This video is also the first ‘test flight’ of my forthcoming (custom) ‘Spaceship’, a bigger version of the ‘Shuttle’ that also integrates Blck_Noir, Queen of Pentacles and the 6 HP modules.

Cinematic Laboratory on BandCamp Spaceship | Episode 13 | Cockpit 1U, Golden Master 1U & Milky Way 1U



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Today the 1U modules are launched and I had the privilege to make a launch video. If you have an Intellijel 1U row in your case, you may find this video of interest. If not, you may need one! made the modules compatible with Intellijel case outputs and I happen to have a Stealth 7U case. Unfortunately, I found out my -12V rail was broken so my ‘Spaceship’ couldn’t fly. I couldn’t make the video! So I had to improvise while waiting for a new TRS80W board to arrive from Canada. Intellijel support has been amazing, but the board would come too late. However, you can also make a cool video when things go wrong. started with TRS stereo outputs on the Grand Terminal, Cockpit & Blck_Noir, but then switched to dual mono from there on the Queen and the 6 HP series. This basically meant you had to use adapters. The Cockpit 1U solves all this. It has one TRS stereo input, and three dual mono inputs, duck/side chaining and a TRS stereo out. You can connect Cockpit 1U to Golden Master from the back, keeping cable clutter ‘internal’. It’s a joy to patch them up with any sound you can find.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Starter Kit 07 | An Experimental Drone System



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Starter Kit 07

This starterkit features Maths, Broken Tape Simulator, Golden Master and Desmodus Versio with Electus firmware.

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Two-channel sample player

New Arrival! The Two of Cups is a two-channel sample player supporting pitch and sample selection with CV control. The knobs can be set to change the initial sample, pitch, and decay. 2OC comes with an SD card packed with sounds created by Julia Bondar, which include percussion, bass, and leads.

The 2OC is clearly designed to carry your ‘always used’ samples to complement a Queen of Pentacles or Blck_Noir drumkit, drones and leads. It seriously extends the sonlc abilities of a small system in only 6 HP of space. And ofcourse it pairs very well with the other 6 HP modules, especially the new Total Recall preset manager. The name Two of Cups refers to the Tarot card that celebrates a great relationship between two people in the fields of business and passion. It’s a lucky card!

Cinematic Laboratory on BandCamp

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