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Emotional Keys Vol. 01




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Inspiring Emotional MIDI Loops

Are you looking for inspiring emotional music loops that are suitable for piano and other key instruments?

Then Alex Pfeffer am more than happy to introduce you to Emotional Keys Vol. 01,

You can use traditional MIDI loops that are working with every DAW and every sample library out there.

However, if you are working in Studio One, you will also find optimized music loops. As soon as you import those music loops into your session, a new instrument with Kontakt 6 and the Gentleman Piano will be created.

This music pack contains:

  • 20 4bar loops in 3/4
  • 40 4bar loops in 4/4
  • MIDI loops
  • music loops for Studio One
  • adapts to your session tempo
  • quickly change any key or individual note
  • save tons of production time
  • be inspired
  • use it for education purposes

This pack has been created in collaboration with Joy Fiordelmondo

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