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Free creepy Sound Packs for Halloween

Get your Halloween treat bag with these FREE Sound Packs for Reason—filled to the brim with creepy sounds for your best Halloween tunes.

Halloween Monsters Sound Pack by Navi Retlav. Navi says: “I recorded and cut 120 samples which include tomato smashing, breaking corn, and fridge noises as a drone. There is also a theremin there.” He continues: “Each combinator is inspired by a different monster/fear type, and together they can be used as sound effects or drone machines for live podcast / rpg session or blockbuster hollywood style horror trailer”.

ghost animation blog
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun 3

Adding Refills

You can collect your extra ReFills/samples anywhere you would like. I recommend someplace outside of the Reason folder.
I store mine on an external hard drive and alternatively, you can use a cloud drive to access them from anyplace and more than one MAC/PC.

Pricing and Availability

FREE Sound Packs for Reason are available now.

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