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Shared System Tutorials | Part 20 | Tape & Microsound Music




Shared System Tutorials Part 20 Tape Microsound Music

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Shared System Tutorials – Tape & Microsound Music

Part 20 already and I hope you’re going to love this one! In this episode, we’ll explore some exotic outputs on the #Morphagene, the EOSG, and CV-Out outputs. I’ve covered the basics of the Morphagene in part 9. Now, we’ll cover natural timing, envelope following, and the ramp function. In the end, I’ll revisit the wavetables I’ve pioneered ten months ago. I am not sure if I ‘discovered’ it first (don’t care) but I am sure I need to share this knowledge again in this series because it will turn your Morphagene in a Stereo Digital Wavetable Oscillator.

Special thanks to Maarten Troost to play the piano while I (field)recorded it with my phone, and thanks to Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam for giving me access to some insanely beautiful instruments like the Steinway Grand. Definitely going to record some more myself soon (with real mics).

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