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0-PRESSURE part 2 | Dynamic gates, Quantizing & Drunken Drummer




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Dynamic gates, Quantizing & Drunken Drummer

After my ‘no pressure’ video I got a lot of positive comments, new insights, patch ideas and questions. With the 0-CTRL on the way, I was wondering what it would add to the existing Brains/Pressure Points combo we all love. I learned that the 0-coast’s contour ‘trigger’ actually is a gate that responds to dynamic CV, like velocity sensitive keys on a keyboard.

Walker Farrell of Make Noise was so kind to explain how it worked and how it can be achieved with ‘normal’ modules. You need to pass a gate to a VCA and modulate it’s volume before you pass it to 0-coast. In this video I also wanted to show what difference a quantizer makes. Finally I wanted to highlight some off-grid percussion patching, the drunken drummer.

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