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36 Ways to Bend – OFF-WORLD VOL. 1




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36 Ways to Bend

Off-World gives you big and bold sounds, with a single focus: Organically performed pitch bends. Using a unique sound source and processing it through octave generators, distortion and huge reverbs, the result is reminiscent of the sonic world of Bladerunner.

OFF WORLD VOL. 1 POG Pedal Full 4 octaves
36 Ways to Bend – OFF-WORLD VOL. 1 7

Each pitch-bend was carefully performed by hand on a traditional Vietnamese monochord, and mapped in a bespoke Kontakt engine, making it a truly playable instrument, with a distinct human feel. It also comes with all the raw, un-processed samples mapped in the Off-World engine, making it a sound designer’s dream and a secret weapon for media composers.


Every pitch bend was sampled up and down, at 4 different lengths and from 1 to 4 semitones in range. Add in the 4 different lengths of bowed non-bending samples, and every note in this library can be played in 36 different ways. To control this a bespoke Kontakt engine was developed, making Off-World a truly playable and inspiring instrument. 

36 Ways to Bend OFF WORLD VOL. 1
36 Ways to Bend – OFF-WORLD VOL. 1 8


The sound design of Off-World was in part inspired by the score for Bladerunner 2049, which features extensive use of expressive pitch bends. The sound of the Dan Bau was fed through a polyphonic octave generator, and from there into distortion and reverb.

Because each pitch bend was carefully performed by hand, the result is a huge cinematic soundscape that also has a distinct human feel and fragility about it – a truly engaging sound.

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Off-World is available now.

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