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PlugInGuru UniScream 2020 is Available




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UniScream 2020

PlugInGuru launched a new GuruNation Programming adventure!

223 Patches, 700MB created by John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl and 24 other GuruNation™ customers that LOVE to make patches!  Basses, Leads, Textures, a cool Hybrid Pipe Organ, Scrapes, Hits, and Screams PLUS lots of fun BPM Grooves with custom MIDI files! It’s a work of art and labor of love and Skippy is proud of everybody that contributed.

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PlugInGuru UniScream 2020 is Available 3

Enjoy programming a new with with Unify. Each layer = a complete instrument plug-in (plus insert effects and MIDI effects) and up to 24 layers can be created in a single Unify patch. Think of Unify as a Plug-in more as if it was a single oscillator in a synth than the whole sound. Think about that concept when working with Unify and the world will open up to you!

This library is created for Unify 1.1 or later. No other plug-ins are required for this library to work!

Pricing and Availability

Get UniScream 2020 for Unify HERE !!!

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