Last Chance to Save 50% on Cinematic Pad Library QUANTUM!

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 30 October 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Deep Sampled, Long EVO Pad Sample Library

What separates us from other evolving pad libraries is every note we sampled was recorded slightly different giving you an ebb and flow that can last over two minutes creating life and motion that feels infinite. EMERGENCE AUDIO does not time-stretch one sample across the whole keyboard in this library.

Understanding Quantum’s true potential just takes holding down one chord for a few minutes to really hear and feel the depth of what this instrument is capable of. Also, the learning curve is near zero which was one of the top things for us when creating the GUI. Quantum is part of a larger concept that you will start to see as EMERGENCE AUDIO release more instruments.

QUANTUM Overview

  • 7.30GB installed
  • More than 120 presets
  • 70+ parameters to customize your own sound
  • 773 high-quality samples
  • Endless layer combinations
  • 9 curated preset categories: Correlated, Evolving Pads, Drones, Shorts, Retriggers, Multi Patches, Pulses, Arcs and Suspended
  • Effects: Reverb, Delay, Saturation, Tape Saturation, Distortion, Lo-fi and Crossfade/Morph Motion Engine LFO with Tempo Sync
  • Uniquely processed Analog/Modular Synths
  • Processed organic instruments
  • NCW lossless compression technology
  • Midi learn/automation for all controls
  • Intuitive user-friendly one of a kind GUI
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 6.3 or later Required 
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Last Chance to Save 50% on Cinematic Pad Library QUANTUM! 2

Quantum is available for a introduction discount until Nov, 1st 2020.

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