NORDIC NOIR – Zebra Nordsund II: Dusk & Snow

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 30 October 2020
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The Unfinished Released Zebra Nordsund II: Dusk & Snow

Zebra Nordsund II continues where the two original volumes, Blood and Gold, started off, with two brand new volumes called Dusk and Snow. The soundsets are inspired by the modern analog and organic sound of Nordic Noir film and TV, but will also be really useful for crime and thriller soundtracks, as well as documentary.

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NORDIC NOIR - Zebra Nordsund II: Dusk & Snow 3

Dusk is all about the intrigue and danger as night falls, from the crime-riven dens of city centers to the murky secrets of suburbia. Snow is more about the sparse nature and long-held feuds of the barren, Arctic landscapes. Icy vengeance and complex relationships.

NORDIC NOIR - Zebra Nordsund II: Dusk & Snow 4

Nordsund II is inspired by shows such as Wallander, The Killing, The Bridge, and Rebecka Martinsson; full of natural and synthetic sounds, full of movement and character, and equally capable of moments of contemplative calm and wrought action.

As usual, both soundsets also come in Dark Editions, reimagining and reworking the original Zebra2 sounds for ZebraHZ. And remember, the Dark Editions also contain the Zebra2 libraries.

Pricing and Availability

Nordsund Dusk and Snow are both available for £24.99 +VAT, with the Dark Editions at £34.99 +VAT. There are also two bundles available for a limited time, the Nordsund II Bundle includes both Dusk and Snow, and is £51.99 +VAT; and a complete Nordsund Bundle with all four volumes (Blood, Dusk, Gold, and Snow) for £99.99 +VAT.

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