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Shared System Tutorials | Part 23 – Optomix




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Shared System Tutorials – Optomix

If you want to use the ‘strike’ input, you’ll need to turn CTRL all the way CCW. If you want to use an envelope, CTRL should be all the way CW. If you use both, you can set it somewhere in the middle.

The Optomix is one of the most important and characteristic modules in the Shared System. It’s been used in almost every video in the series, and it should have been a chapter much earlier. However, I wanted to show the difference between version 1 and 2 so I had to find an old one. A few months ago I found one in Spain.

Also, the ‘hunt’ for a black & gold took more than a year and my quest ended successfully this week. Well, almost, because it’s a V1. Isn’t it ironic. I also found it mysterious that my V2 came with my old silver CV-Bus shared system and the V1 comes from a newer Black & Gold with Phonogene. There may have been a time where newer Shared Systems were shipped with older Optomixes. This is not a bad thing, because V1’s are rumoured to sound better because MakeNoise still had plenty of good old vactrols to choose from. But that may be an urban legend. So if you’re hunting for a B&G case, you’ll now may be able to recognize the one you prefer. Make sure you listen to your optomix before you buy it, because all are a bit different. If you’re checking out a V1, please remember all knobs affect the sound when only CH1 is patched. I thought mine was ‘faulty’ without realizing CH2 was wide open.

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