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Vintage Sampler & Vintage Sampler Lite (free)

These blocks have the ability to ‘sample’ audio from their input port (like a real hardware sampler), for independent recording and playing back of samples. The controls have been laid out to make jamming with a sample very easy and fun!

A high-quality playback engine allows click-free looping, juggling and granulizing of samples using the ‘crossfade’ control. Plus there are 5 different FM modes including a ‘scratch’ mode for scratching effect.

The blocks feature a fantastic GUI designed by Christian Schneider from Sonidiom (who also designed the GUI for the Toybox Sequential Switch, which is also in the free User Blocks Pack). Of course, being modular, all functions (including arming, recording, scratching etc.) can be modulated using the other blocks in the User Blocks Pack.

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The ‘Vintage Sampler’ block features high quality modelling of a variety of vintage hardware samplers (not available in the ‘Lite’ version). A lot of work has gone into accurately emulating the signal path of several vintage units. The sampler has 5 different ‘models’ which can be selected from the block’s ‘Options’ page: TOY1, TOY2, 80s, 90s and CLEAN.

Pricing and Availability

The ‘Vintage Sampler Lite‘ block is available for free as part of the Toybox User Blocks Pack, and the ‘Vintage Sampler‘ block can be purchased for $19 (or just $14.25 using the current SPOOKY25 discount). Reaktor 6.4 (not the player version) is required to use either block as they are both ‘User Blocks’.

Enter the code SPOOKY25 at the checkout for 25% off all packs and bundles

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