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A Force Truly Evil – Bass Pressure




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Bass Pressure

Right off the back of his incredible previous release, “A force Truly Evil” is delighted to unleash upon the world the latest pack titled “Bass Pressure” with clear a purpose: Becoming the new must have soundbank for any producer looking to achieve a pro level in Bass Music genres.

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A Force Truly Evil – Bass Pressure 3

Close your eyes and take a trip to another dimension with this amazing psychedelic collection of 64 presets covering powerful acid bass,screaming leads,wild pulsating pads and hypnotic riffs.

Bass Pressure Contents

  • 64 Stunning patches.
  • 24 Massive high quality demo Sessions including automated macro movements and modern production techniques, covering Dubstep, Grime, Drum & Bass, Techstep, Neurofunk, Jungle. Patches are even greater for the harder side of Bass House, Future bass, Electro House and EDM.
  • 64 blasting drum sounds with heavy weight kicks and snares for ensuring maximum impact on your tracks.
  • New amen break kit for iconic Drum & Bass/Jungle sound.
  • New delay patterns programmed with circuit editor. As well as the chorus effect in each patch.

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