Simple Ukulele by FluffyAudio

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Simple Ukulele

Simple Ukulele contains samples of a beautiful tenor ukulele (by FluffyAudio), with a warm and sustained sound.

Simple Ukulele Features

  • 1.5 GB .ncw compressed sample pool
  • 2 instrument patches, melodic and strumming
  • different sustain positions with 3 dynamics and 4 RR
  • 2 mic positions (spot and mid-close)
  • 2+ octaves note range
  • Legato articulation (hammer-on and pull-off)
  • Sampled plucking the strings with nails and fingertips (for upstrokes and downstrokes strumming)
  • 4 different “chuck” sound positions, for a more realistic strumming
  • Colors articulation with lots of percussive sounds (knocking and striking the ukulele’s body and strings)
  • Advanced strum engine with upstrokes and downstrokes strumming patterns, chucks, input quantize, strum designer and velocity control
Ukulele Strum
Simple Ukulele by FluffyAudio 2

During this somewhat particular 2020, FluffyAudio tried to imagine themselves on a Hawaiian beach. The sound of the ocean, the sea breeze, surfers riding the waves of the ocean, and of course the unmistakable sound of the ukulele! So here it is an instrument that in its simplicity is able to evoke atmospheres full of colors and emotions.

Simple Ukulele features the new Fluffy Audio Strummer 2.5, a new version of the strumming engine developed in Rinascimento and Spaghetti Western.

Pricing and Availability

Simple Ukulele is available now. Intro price available!

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