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House of Loop – Dark Acid Techno




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House of Loop – Dark Acid Techno

Get a taste of hypnotic influenced Techno with House of Loop’s Dark Acid Techno, now only £5. If you’re looking to make tracks similar to Amelia Lens, Charlotte de Witt and Thomas Schumacher, then this is the deal for you.

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If you are familiar with Techno that has a hypnotic influence, then You may have gotten a taste of Acid Techno. Further condensing the genre, there is a form that utilizes dark themes and nuances. Dark Acid Techno can be heard at Big Festivals and of course in smaller underground clubs. Thanks to House of Loop, you can enter the darkness without fear of losing sight of Your goal.

If You are looking to make works similar to the likes of Amelia Lens, Charlotte de Witt, Thomas Schumacher and Chris Liebing. This, House of Loop, the pack (Affiliate Link) is for You!

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