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Spiratone | The Telharmonic’s Shepard Tone




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Spiratone | The Telharmonic’s Shepard Tone

Pressing the ‘H-Lock’ button for 5 seconds activates the Spiratone mode in the Telharmonic. This sonic illusion is mainly known as the Shepard Tone, which sounds like an ever rising or falling pitch. You could recreate it if you have three voices with a rising pitch. One fades in, one fades out and one keeps a steady volume while the pitch is rising and voices virtually ‘connect’ to eachother.

So it’s much easier to just press that button for five seconds! The ‘interval’ knob affects the speed of the illusion, wher 12:00 brings it to a full stop wherever it is in the scale. Since ‘degree’ still tracks 1v/Oct you can still use it in a melodic way while modulating the three voices.

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