Heartwood Soundware – Opal for DIVA

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 6 November 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Soundset Opal for DIVA

Heartwood Soundware brings you: Opal for Diva, a splendid soundset with 111 presets.

In this soundset, you are going to find a world of soaring synthwave and futuristic tones. Techy ARP’s, big Bass patches, driving Basslines, deep dark Drones, bright Keys, warping Leads, kinetic Loops, and Sequences, huge morphing pads, a smattering of synth patches, and the return of the WTF selection.

Heartwood Soundware – Opal for DIVA 1
Heartwood Soundware – Opal for DIVA 2

This set is inspired by the sounds of cyberpunk and synth-wave. Diva excels at big analog sounds like nothing else can. This is classic Bladerunner territory, expect darkly cinematic dystopias at your fingertips.

This set is ideal for all your cinematic synthwave needs. Perfect for film, game and tv composers, or those in need of a cyberpunk vibe.

You will need a licensed version of U-he’s Diva, to use these patches.

Pricing and Availability

Opal for DIVA is available at the intro price of €13.95 (MSRP €18.95 VAT included) till 22 November

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