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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza




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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza

The second offering of the Artist Series from Abstract Sounds boasts work from one of Italy’s maestros, Giancarlo Lanza (Affiliate Link). Not only has he worked alongside the likes of Marco Carola, Davide Squillace, Sam Paganini and Riva Star, he has released music on influential labels such as Monique Musique and Bosom Recordings. This package has the quality you would expect from one of the most accredited Ableton trainers in the world.

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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza 6

Attention to detail is what Giancarlo Lanza (Affiliate Link) prides himself on and The Giancarlo Lanza (Affiliate Link) Sample Pack for the Abstract Sounds series reflects his sonic craftsmanship. The package includes 400 different files ranging from synths and textures to modular grooves, kicks, and other percussive instruments.

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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza 7

For Abstract Sounds Giancarlo Lanza (Affiliate Link) specifically created this wide array of unique sounds and loops in his studio, using a variety of instruments both physical and digital. Alongside the VSTs and Plugins, he utilizes Minitaur, TB 303, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Rytm MKII, Analog Four MKII, Octatrack MKII. What else can you expect from the Italian maestro if not uncompromising levels of production? Accept no substitutes.

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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza 8

The imaginary of Abstract Sounds is inspired by the best underground vinyl releases from labels like Perlon, Yoyaku, PIV, EASTENDERZ & Cabaret and our purpose is to transmit this sound to your productions. This is why all the samples are professionally produced, aiming at taking your productions to the next level.

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Abstract Sounds – Giancarlo Lanza 9

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