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My Eurorack Case

Hey there! I finally decided to make a few videos in which I talk about my setup, process, and making live music with a modular system. I wanted to start with a simple overview of my main Eurorack cases and the modules I use. Soon we’ll have a look at my sampler case!

In the near future, I’ll upload a few videos with an in-depth look at my live patch and some performance tips and tricks. I also plan to make a few “track from scratch” videos, so stay tuned! There is a lot of great information out there already, but if you would like me to cover more synthesis or modular basics, or if you have other ideas, please let me know in the comments!

I am Rijnder Kamerbeek, a visual artist and musician. After moving to Berlin I got lost in the world of modular synths, which inspired me to create a new musical project called ‘Monotrail’. The project found its way to YouTube and I started to share his experiments in my weekly videos, uploading over 200 jams in the last few years. Motivated by the direct way of sharing and communicating with an audience, I started a brand new channel called ‘Monotrail Tech Talk’. You find me also on Instagram.

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