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Singomakers – Pop & Future Disco




Singomakers Pop Future Disco 1000 1000

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Singomakers are very proud to present this magnificent fusion of POP, Modern Nu Disco, Funk, Radio House, and Synth Pop – welcome amazing «Pop & Future Disco» (Affiliate Link) sample pack!

Singomakers Pop Future Disco 1000 512
Singomakers – Pop & Future Disco 6

In detail expect to find in «Pop & Future Disco» (Affiliate Link) 1,11 Gb of wav 24-bit samples at 114 BPM including 203 One Shots, 100 Drum Loops, 72 Melody Loops, 62 Bass Loops (30 Live Bass, 32 Synth Bass Loops), 30 Guitar Loops, 30 Chord Loops, 30 Piano Loops, 54 Sound FX and unlimited inspiration!

Singomakers Pop Future Disco 336 280
Singomakers – Pop & Future Disco 7

Inspired by the sound of Modern Pop, Future NU Disco and Billboard charting songs, tracks that occupied high positions in The Shazam world chart and became unconditional super hits – The Weekend, Dua Lipa,  Bruno Mars, Colombo, Robin Schulz, Justice, Cassius, A-Trak, Purple Disco Machine, Katy Perry, just to name a few.

Singomakers Pop Future Disco 628 75
Singomakers – Pop & Future Disco 8

All samples in «Pop & Future Disco» (Affiliate Link) are original and 100% royalty-free, which means you can use it in your own tracks and release on labels, use for commercials, YouTube, radio, and more!

With these Amazing Drums, Inspiring Melodies, Live Recorded Basses, Disco Guitars, Chord Progressions, and many other useful elements – creating the next hit will be elementary!

Singomakers Pop Future Disco 728 90
Singomakers – Pop & Future Disco 9

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