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The new Vorg by Vult DSP

You may have seen the news that Vult DSP totally redesigned the Vorg filter. The new version is basically the same circuit but fully through-hole. This makes it much easier to assemble. For that reason, Vult DSP going to start selling them again as DIY kits and also as bare PCBs + Panel.

Vult DSP latest addition to the Vult Analog family is the Vult Punch VCA.

The Vult Punch is a very special VCA made for very snappy and hard sounds. Unlike other VCAs that you have used, this one can be taken to extremes. It provides a very nice sounding overdrive and super fast transition curves.

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It comes as a dual version but in can be used to control stereo signals thanks to the default signal routing.

Punch will be available in three versions, fully assembled, full DIY kit and bare PCBs+Panel.

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