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A modular collection for VCV Rack by Pyer & Leonardo Laguna Ruiz. GEODESICS VULTIVERSE is a premium collection of modules for VCV Rack. All modules come as a bundle available in the VCV Rack library.

HEXAQUARK- quantum chromodynamic trigger sequencer

Quarks are the heart of the observable matter. A hexaquark is a hypothetical particle. Some believe it might be found in pulsars. 

quantum chromodynamic trigger sequencer

HEXAQUARK is a polyrhythmic trigger sequencer with 6 channels, expressive velocity, and dynamic envelope outputs. A tool to write micro beat by composing with virtual particles, anti-matter, and quantum void.6 channels with trigger and CV output
4 pages of 16 steps per channel, with 6 scenes recallable with CV 
 12 microsteps per steps for all kinds of tuplets
Beat skipping, polyrhythm, and probability on all levels
Virtual beat particles for temporary or permanent randomization

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