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Imitor Versio DSP Platform by Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering’s Imitor Versio is a delay designed for experimentation. With 12 delay taps and a slew of parameters designed to make the delay perform in unfathomable ways, IV is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flair to an atmosphere, and more.


Imitor — from Latin: “Imitate”
Versio — from Latin: “Versatile”
Versatile imitation

The Imitor Versio (IV) is a 10HP stereo delay module and DSP platform for Eurorack developed by Noise Engineering. This 12-tap stereo delay and DSP platform open up an entire world of intricate delays. Ask your doctor or Eurorack Dealer (like Signal Sounds) if Imitor Versio is right for you.

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Imitor Versio’s firmware can be updated by the user via Noise Engineering Customer Portal. In the unlikely event that the need arises, firmware patches will be available on that site. Alternate firmware is also available on the Noise Engineering Customer Portal to transform your IV into a completely different module.

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