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3 Days, 3 Collections, 3 Discounts on Tom Wolfe Products

That’s right – the ‘F**k Black Friday, It’s My Birthday’ sale is back! Every year, my birthday falls over Black Friday weekend. So, instead of having just another sale, why not make it a celebration? 

Friday 27th November – Pigments Collection

24 hours only – 30% off – Based around a series of samples from analog and digital synths, as well as some reverb tails, Recapture included in this bundle is a collection of 100 hyperreal presets and 37 samples for Arturia Pigments that take simple sounds and turn them on their head. Full of lush, washy padsserene granular texturesanalog-style basses and grainy leads, Recapture has an essence of familiarity, while adding a new and exciting edge that brings something truly unique to Pigments. With it’s footing in cinematic sound design, Recapture also bridges the gap to techno and electronica.

Features my latest Pigments sound banks Radion Pt. 2 and Recapture

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  • 400 Cinematic Presets for Arturia Pigments
  • Also Contains 37 Samples & 45 Wavetables
  • Save £40 on the individual prices

Normally: £63.99 – on Friday 27th November 2020: £44.79

Saturday 28th November – Omnisphere Collection

24 hours only – 40% off. Featuring 100 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Atomos focuses on the darker side of cinematic composition. Inspired by the score for hit TV show Chernobyl, this set places emphasis on Omnisphere’s vast range of organic sound sources to create dramatic and powerful patches from the unexpected. From gritty sequences and eerie pads, to unusual textures and impactful percussion, Atomos will add a unique and distinctive concrète-style character to your compositions.

Now includes new set Lunnen, due for release Weds 2nd December!

  • 1000 Cinematic Presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • Includes best-selling Fractal Pt. 2 and Atomos
  • Save £107 on the individual prices

Normally: £144.99, on Saturday 28th November 2020: £86.99

Sunday 29th November – Premier Collection

24 hours only – 50% off – The Premier Collection, a collection of cinematic synth presets for Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra.

New flagship collection with 1600 cinematic synth presets!

  • – All 1600 Tom Wolfe presets for Omnisphere, Pigments & Zebra
  • – Comprehensive toolkit of cinematic synth sounds
  • – Save £220 on the individual prices

Normally: £199.99, on Sunday 29th November: £99.99

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