Aleph | Todd Barton’s Aleph patch on the Shared System

Patch notes below! When I was creating part 17 of my Shared System tutorials, I used the Krell patch as a starting point. This legendary patch was originally created by Todd Barton, a huge source of inspiration and a true pioneer. I learned Mr. Barton also envisioned the Aleph patch, an abstract adventure that tries to find a balance between structure and chaos – all by itself. I tried to patch it on the Shared System, with no luck. But then I found a simplified version that was using Maths and here we are! I started with an approximation of the original patch, and then slowed it down with some help from Instruo Arbhar. (Morphagene is off to a 0-coast adventure, coming soon). I’ve asked Mr. Barton for official permission to use his voice and gear at the intro.

Patch Notes:
Activate CH2 cycle
Connect EOC (bottom right) to CH1 trigger input
Connect EOR (bottom left) to the bus – then to CH2 Cycle and Wogglebug Tempo in.
CH1 & CH2
Set rise and fall to 13:00, Exp to log, adjust to taste later
Connect CH2 function out to bus, then to Optomix CH1 control and Maths CH1 ‘both cv’
Connect CH1 function out to Optomix CH2 control.
NOTE: try the Optomix’ strike inputs with the envelope CV.

Connect Stepped Random to the bus – then to Maths CH2 ‘both CV’ and

Sine out of OSC1 & OSC2 to Optomix.
Use Erbe-Verb or another FX processor for some ambience and spice it up with some more CV from WoggleBug and the multed CV sources.