Triple Spiral Audio Winter 2020 Sale

The Winter 2020 Sale by Triple Spiral Audio has been updated with new sales which run from 27 November till 7 December 2020. You will find all the Triple Spiral Audio Omnisphere 2 soundsets on sale and as well on sale this week, the great soundsets from Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware.

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Triple Spiral Audio Winter 2020 Sale & New Label Release: Seed Audio 3

The deals from last week last till Monday 30 November with sales on soundsets for Serum, VPS Avenger, and Falcon and on the libraries from Sonora Cinematic and Denovaire.

The planned Triple Spiral Audio Winter 2020 Sale timeline

Seed Audio

Seed Audio is a new label founded by Dov Waterman who has many years of experience as a composer and sound designer and he worked in the past for companies like Sonokinetic. He brings 2 really nice new soundsets for Pigments 2 and a loop pack with samples used in the Granular Expeditions soundset.

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Triple Spiral Audio Winter 2020 Sale & New Label Release: Seed Audio 4

Metallurgy for Pigments 2: Available for €15.00 (MSRP €22.00 VAT included)
With this Soundest Seed Audio set out to create the varied sounds of metal objects. From a slinky to a large oil drum. A heavy metal pan to garden utensils, various music boxes, and rusty keyed instruments. Seed Audio hit everything then mangled it in Pigments!

As with all their pigments banks, they made extensive use of the 4 macros. So be sure to check them out.

There are 62 presets in total comprising of pads and soundscapes, sequences, mallets, plucked, bass and a few one shot SFX.

Granular Expeditions for Pigments 2: Available for €15.00 (MSRP €22.00 VAT included)

Granular Expeditions, Seed Audio debut soundest for Arturia’s Pigments2 synth.

The inspiration for this pack came from a recording Seed Audio made of an ancient Clavichord, a family heirloom. The idea was to make a pristine sounding Kontakt instrument from the samples. But Seed Audio got sidetracked with Covid and ended up processing and mangling it out of recognition in Pigments.

Other source material included environmental sounds from Seed Audio travels to the outer reaches of the west coast of Scotland and beyond, all processed and mangled into musical form. The bank includes 60 presets of sequences, hits, pads and sFX, keys and bass.

And if you don’t have Pigments 2, but like to work with wav files, you can pick up the Granular Expeditions Loop Pack for €5.50 with 113 WAV files.