Checking Out Senfine by Wavelet Audio

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 29 November 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Checking Out Senfine by Wavelet Audio

For only $59 (normally $139), get Senfine (Affiliate Link) by Wavelet Audio!

It helps to add depth and to provide a gentle atmosphere to your productions. There is everything you might need for making atmospheric and deep sound inside Senfine library: from guitars and orchestral ambient instruments to drums and synths.

Save your time and immerse into a fully inspirational workflow with ready to use instruments. Modern cinematic ambient music is a very unique genre, it contains several styles at once. For a year and a half, our goal was to create an audio tool that allows you to control all aspects of writing such kind of music.

Checking Out Senfine by Wavelet Audio
Checking Out Senfine by Wavelet Audio 2

Senfine (Affiliate Link) is an extensive toolkit that features a collection of truly atmospheric and emotive sounds that will inject magical atmosphere into your production

Palette of Senfine instruments allows you to get the desired result quickly and easily right from the scratch. No need to use any third-party tools or plugins.

Originally $139, Senfine (Affiliate Link) is now available for only $59 for a limited time, don’t miss out!

Pricing and Availability

57% OFF: Senfine (Affiliate Link) BY WAVELET AUDIO! For only $59 (normally $139), get Senfine by Wavelet Audio!

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