UDO Audio Updates Super 6 Firmware

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 7 December 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Super 6 Firmware v0.25

The SUPER 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic, binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer. A harmonious marriage of state of the art FPGA digital hardware oscillators and voltage-controlled analog technology. It is flexible, immediate, powerful, and refined with a gorgeous analog tone. Rich and evolving textures are easily teased from the unique super-wavetable core and can be shaped and manipulated with the binaural analog signal path and flexible modulation. Robust, compact, and inviting to pick up and play with smooth, solid, and responsive controls throughout, it cries out to be played.

Super 6 is a result of years of hard work and many iterations of development. UDO Audio’s mission with the Super 6 has been to harmonize what UDO Audio loves about archetypal electronic instrument design with modern, novel synthesis technologies that excel at generating spatially dynamic results.

The architecture leverages the vibrancy of a true-stereo analog signal path, driving it with extremely high sample rate, spectrally versatile, digital audio, and presents you with straightforward, expressive controls of superior mechanical build quality.

Super 6 Features

  • 12-voice polyphonic analog-hybrid synthesizer
  • Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, expression and sustain
  • The binaural analog signal path for stereo movement and spatial effects
  • 7-core super-wavetable main oscillator with waveform download
  • DDS oscillator 2 with FM, sync, sub-oscillator and crossfade modes
  • Flexible, hybrid FPGA & analog voice architecture
  • Robustly built with solid, playable controls
  • Multi-purpose, flexible, LFOs, envelopes & modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator & step sequencer
  • External audio input with threshold-based envelope and LFO triggering
  • Dual stereo 24-bit digital effects
  • 128 rewritable patch storage locations
  • MPE controllable

The next firmware revision for SUPER 6 is now available. DDS 1 alternative waveforms saved with patches can now be loaded and used when the SUPER 6 is switched into manual mode. This allows for a broader accessible palette of waveforms that you can use to flavor your sound design.

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