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Monster Sanctuary Soundtrack Released




Monster Sanctuary Soundtrack Released

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Monster Sanctuary

Peter Jones & Steven Melin are excited to announce that Monster Sanctuary launches today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, & PC!

The 2.5 hr soundtrack is now available in your favorite stores! If you’ve followed Steven Melin for any amount of time in 2020, you know that Steven spent almost the entire year working on this game, and he is very proud of the work from the team. Go pick up the game if you love 16-bit art, monster taming, and/or Metroidvania and Steven hopes you’ll have a blast. Support the soundtrack and share with friends 🙂

Monster Sanctuary Soundtrack Released
Monster Sanctuary Soundtrack Released 3

Also, if you’re interested in writing similar music, check out the Monster Sanctuary Toolkit on Simple Samples Audio, where you can use the same instruments Peter Jones & Steven Melin used on this soundtrack! Monster Sanctuary Toolkit is a collection of 22 sample instruments crafted by Steven Melin when composing the Monster Sanctuary video game soundtrack. These 16-bit electronic patches have been bit-crushed, down-sampled, and treated to sound like authentic Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance instruments out-of-the-box. Composing 16-bit retro game music has never been so easy!

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