SoundSpot FAT2 & NEVO Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 8 December 2020
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SoundSpot FAT2 & NEVO Sale

NEVO Limiter by SoundSpot

NEVO (Affiliate Link) is SoundSpot’s new monster clipper, which has been developed by SoundSpot’s in house audio wizards to give you the ultimate peak control when either mastering audio, or enhancing your virtual instruments or hardware instruments.

NEVO (Affiliate Link) is no ordinary clipper, there are a wealth of features and controls that will leave you in awe of its sonic ability, whilst at the same time being easy to use and totally inspirational. 

NEVO features a combination of a 16-band soft clipper and a single-band hard clipper, along with multiple colouration settings, a transient shaper and a final clip wall limiter. All of these features have been arranged into a specific signal flow which has been meticulously designed and tested so you can get the very best sound from your instruments, groups, mixes and masters.  

With an infectious workflow and instant results, NEVO is the plugin you’ve always needed in your arsenal of audio production plugins.

NEVO (Affiliate Link) is a feature-rich powerhouse of a plugin, that sounds as good as it looks.

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FAT 2 Filter by SoundSpot

FAT 2 (Affiliate Link) is a fab new creative filter plugin which is a long-awaited and requested revision of SoundSpot’s free plugin, FAT Filter

Due to FAT Filter’s popularity, we thought it was only right that we should set our Development guru’s the task of injecting a little SoundSpot mojo into a long-awaited re-build with added spice to make things nice.

With 20 brand new filter types designed by our in house audio engineers/developers and dual multi-directional modulation envelopes with unlimited node creation capability, 

FAT 2 (Affiliate Link) is a modulation filter plugin that gives you ultimate flexibility and creative possibilities with minimal effort. The FAT 2 filters have been designed with custom resonant peak series that mimic the odd and even harmonics of analog saturation. However, the harmonic series in FAT 2 goes a step further by both going up and down in the frequency spectrum – or both ways at the same time! This gives the filters a new level of clarity, sheen and crunch not found in other filters.

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Pricing and Availability

Save 78% off SoundSpot’s highly anticipated FAT2 (Affiliate Link) creative filter & NEVO (Affiliate Link), the monster clipper.

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