UJAM Releases Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 14 September 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

STRIIIINGS Evokes Emotions

UJAM releases Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS – Modern String Ensemble Textures with a Sound Design Twist.

A must buy for Film, Trailer and Ad Composer

I did have the opportunity for some days to practice with Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS and it is a charming library packed with absolutely perfectly recorded phrases, textures, and sound beds that drive the desired emotion of a track or scene on the big screen. The possible themes span from more traditional orchestral film scores to multiple hybrid instruments making Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS also perfect for a score for a trailer or an ad. Did I mention that you also get fitting percussive sounds? Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS is wonderful and extensively versatile for your next score.

With this release, UJAM upholds its mission to let composers write and produce with instruments that they don’t play – by inventing instrument concepts that make them easy to use, without sacrificing the professional result. Since Hans Zimmer, one of the world’s greatest film composers is a co-founder of UJAM, the team had exclusive access to Hans’ studio and his multi-million-dollar library of string recordings honed and expanded for over a decade.

Joining up with Boris Salchow, UJAM won the perfect producer – a person who both recognizes the “everyman” and – being an acclaimed film and game composer himself – is absolutely competent of taming a super-complex system like Hans Zimmer. In Boris’ words: “Yes, it’s been a herculean task of many years to take something as complex and precious as the Hans Zimmer string library and make it accessible in a workflow that does not require a multitude of computers as well as a studio environment like it is normally used in. That was the main thrill – to turn it into an instrument that allows everyone now to enjoy such musical super powers”

Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS a collection of actual recordings of a leading symphonic orchestra that follow your musical lead through proprietary UJAM technology.

60 playing styles, more than 200 sound designer presets
  • Play world-class string section phrases, no string arrangement skills required
  • Brand-new creative performance and sound design engine by UJAM
  • 60 playing styles, more than 200 sound designer presets
  • Recorded at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Studios, Produced by Boris Salchow

Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS was built by musicians for musicians. UJAM is a pretty diverse bunch – from DJ to weekend producer to Oscar-awarded Hollywood composer. UJAM builds every product for ourselves, and, like you, we’re all users of Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS too. Every Symphonic Elements product is optimized by UJAM for one clear, powerful purpose: To produce great-sounding strings tracks without distracting you from the complex endeavor that producing a song is.

Pricing and Availability

Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS by UJAM & Boris Salchow is out now!

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