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Grains | Instruo #Arbhar




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Grains | Instruo #Arbhar

I am so happy my eurocrack dealer stashed an Arbhar for regular customers. I’ve been waiting for over six months to get one. There are a few excellent videos on YT that do a deep dive. I can’t do that right now, because I haven’t finished the manual yet.

I started patching and before I knew it I had hours of video footage. So this is not a difficult module to learn, it’s instant gratification, which is rare. It just does everything right and it’s a pleasure to play with.

I used the ‘A.N.A.’ morphagene reel from Brett Naucke which is available for free download here.

I also used fragments from Sebastian Lexer’s piano performance when Arbhar was still a prototype. Mr. Lexer is responsible for the Arbhar’s code.

It is used without permission, but I am sure nobody will mind. The reel is played by the Morphagene, which also demonstrates these two don’t bite each other. They’re a great team.

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