New Subsonic Artz + ESC – Secret Obsessions for Obsession

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 14 December 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Secret Obsessions for Obsession

Triple Spiral Audio launched Subsonic Artz + ESC – Secret Obsessions for Obsession.

SECRET OBSESSIONS, the very first set from SubsonicArtz (Fred Nongat) and The ESC founders (Burny Huber and Henrik J. Larsen Aka JX3D) for the Obession VSTI and Reason Rack from Synapse Audio.

SECRET OBSESSIONS is simply born when us 3 sound designers had a discussion about this new instrument from Synapse Audio. We all thought that it was a great sounding and powerful vintage synthesizer emulation, so we quickly decided to build an entire set and went into action directly.
We had in mind and agreed to create some cinematic, ambient, vintage synthwaves, and EDM sounds and worked on our own presets independently ; following our own ways and tastes.
We truely think that the result is a homogenous material for you to create different style of music.

There are 140 patches in Secret Obsessions:
5 Arps, 10 Bass, 1 Bass Line, 15 Special FX, 10 Keys, 13 Leads, 2 Organs, 25 Pads, 11 Pulses, 7 Rhytms & 10 Soundscapes, 28 Sequences, 2 Synths.

You’ll find the set in two formats:
– Vst patches for the Obsession VSTI.
– Rack Expansion Patch for the Obsession Rack in Reason.

Pricing and Availability

Subsonic Artz + ESC – Secret Obsessions for Obsession is available now.

Cubase 7.5

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