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SuperCoast | Exploring DPO territory with 0-Coast, ST0 & ModDemix




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SuperCoast | Exploring DPO territory with 0-Coast, ST0 & ModDemix

I had to reupload a V2 of this video because in V1 I assumed I could use a sine from the STO to ringmod the Dynamic CV of the 0-coast. I was wrong, as pointed out by two of my subscribers. For true ringmod, you’ll need a VCA that can switch between positive and negative, like the ModDemix or Mutable Instruments Blinds.

Thanks for pointing out the error, it’s a shame I lost all my plays and comments, but accuracy is more important.

First off all, I need to recommend against racking a 0-coast when you still enjoy the warranty and don’t want to take any risks. It was never intended to be racked, the drill holes do not match fixed rails and it draws a huge amount of power from your case.

But it’s such a fine eurorack powerhouse and I’ve built an entire ‘tape & microsound’ case around it. In this video, I wanted to find out how the single oscillator design would benefit from a second oscillator (any would do), especially the STO.

I feel STO is also a great little module, but joining 0-coast & STO into a ‘dual primary’ combo is just awesome! Sorry for bringing you all these bad ideas! More coming soon!

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