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Video Walkthrough Audio Brewers – The Upright




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Video Walkthrough Audio Brewers – The Upright

The Upright’, a library designed to give you the real feel that a vintage upright would give you on a winter night while you drink a cup of coffee brewed by us, the audio brewers.

The idea behind The Upright is to be able to offer composers an extra dimension to their art. While in traditional Stereo they can create their music and then ‘expand’ it using different techniques (multi mics, reverbs, etc) to have a ‘surround’ experience, our libraries can be natively decoded from Ambisonics any speaker array possible. From traditional Stereo, all the way up to Surround 5.1, Dolby Atmos, Binaural, and even be compatible with VR. Thanks to it being ambisonics, the signal can be rotated three-dimensionally before it’s decoded.

New Ambisonics Instrument The Upright Kontakt

The multi-dimensional nature of the Ambisonics technique will allow you to decode the sound to any channel-array configuration imaginable, giving you the freedom of having an instant stereo, surround, ambisonics or even a VR-compatible composition in a matter of seconds.

The Upright by Audio Brewers

Additionally, for those who prefer to stick to stereo mixes, the library includes a mirrored version with stereo samples, that way, no matter which flavor you chose, you will always have exactly the same results, no matter if you work in stereo or in ambisonics.

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