New AE Modular Modules in December 2020

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  • Date: Friday, 18 December 2020
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New AE Modular Modules

There a many new AE Modular Modules launched today, ready for your late December 2020 Xmas shopping. New Modules, New case designs, New knobs and so much excellent news from the AE Modular community!

Available are now: METER, PHASER (4 Phases), PHASER (8 Phases), MIXCONSOLE & the extension MIXCONSOLE/3CH, and the 4ATTMIX/FADER.

Still upcoming and released soon OUTPUT and XLROUT will be available at the store.

Some of the new AE Modular Modules have been teased before, but now they are here and you can order them from the online store!

METER (scope)

Meter – a multi-functional module for visualizing and measuring signals.

This module not only shows you the level of an incoming signal but also serves as an oscilloscope that displays the waveform of a continuous signal, eg. from an oscillator. It’s perfect for learning synthesis and looks cool in your case. Beyond the oscilloscope function, it has a few other operation modes:

AE Modular Meter 1
New AE Modular Modules in December 2020 12
  • oscilloscope (AC or DC): visualizing audio and CV signals.
  • spectrum analyzer: display the frequency spectrum of the input signal
  • voltmeter: check the voltage of (mainly) CV signals
  • frequency meter: see the frequency of the input signal; displayed as hertz and as musical note with +/- 100 cent difference. (The frequency of the root “A” can be adjusted)
  • oscillator calibration helper: Via the MIDI output, this module can be used for calibrating the oscillators in the AE modular system.

The METER module is now available


PHASER – a vactrol phaser with 4/8 stages.

Finally we can produce that sound of the 70’s with this module which gives any sound this unique phase shifting effect.

AE Modular phaser with 4 or 8 stages
New AE Modular Modules in December 2020 13

The PHASER module runs the signal through a chain of all pass filters, which brings a very distinctive sound when the filter stages are modulated. Well known is this sound by many pieces of electronic music in the 70’s and 80’s; especially with the SOLINA as audio source you get this unique spacey sound known from these days.

The module is available with 4 or 8 stages; more stages make the modulation more deep and intense, and has a low-frequency LFO onboard, an external modulation CV can be used also as modulation source.

The PHASER module is now available with 4 or 8 stages.


MIXCONSOLE – an extensible performance mixer with CV-control.

This module has been long anticipated and is a crucial piece for performing artists using the AE Modular in a live session or recording. This mixer has 4 channels with individual volume and panning. The 2 send and returns for effects can go out to external effect pedals and can be adjusted independently for each channel. This mixer is also a 4 channel VCA because the volume for each channel can be controlled via CV.

New AE Modular Modules in December 2020 14

This module adds the main mixer to your AE modular system! It contains four channels; each channel has a level control, left-right pan control and two FX send controls. The stereo returns for the FX paths have individual level controls, and finally a master level control. The channel levels can be controlled via CV inputs, if no CV is attached, the level knob works as a usual volume control.

The inputs, FX sends/returns and master out are available as AE sockets; additionally, the FX sends/returns and master are also available as minijack sockets. FX returns are stereo (3.5 stereo minijack socket), master out is available as 2 separate mono minijack sockets and as one stereo socket.

With this module, you can integrate external effect units like guitar pedals and others into your AE modular system.

The MIXCONSOLE module is now available


This is an extension module that connects to the MIXCONSOLE via a special cable at the back. It adds 3 additional channels to the MIXCONSOLE. The best part is that you can chain as many of these modules as you want!

New AE Modular Modules in December 2020 15

The MIXCONSOLE/3CH module is now available


4ATTMIX FADER – four faders as attenuator / mixer

​​For lovers of faders instead of knobs – this module has the exact same functionality as the 4ATT/MIX module but instead of 4 knobs, it comes with faders! 4ATTMIX FADER is functionally identical with the 4ATTMIX module, but the knobs are replaced by faders here, which are convenient in certain situations where more values are to be changed simultaneously.

New AE Modular Modules in December 2020 16

It offers four input channels which can be level controlled/attenuated by the corresponding faders. The attenuated signals are sent to four outputs. Additionally, each channel can be sent to an internal mixer by the switches below the faders. The mixed signal is then sent to the mix output.

An additional switch selects the general operation mode for the mixer, for DC/CV signals or for audio signals.

The 4ATTMIX/FADER module is now available

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